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Types Supportive Services


    Residential Service Options Includes

 Residential Support Services or Supervised Living: These service options provides residential assistance to individuals who requires supervision and support with activities of daily living, transportation, nursing services, medication administration, safety and security 

 Host Home/Companion Care: 

This service option supports individuals with activities of daily living, functional living tasks, habilitation activities, assistance with medication administration, nursing services and supervision of the individual’s safety and security in the privacy of the providers own home.


This service component provides for short term relief of the  primary care giver of an individual who lives in their family home.  Respite is provided intermittently when the primary care giver is unavailable to provide support due to a planned or emergent situation.     

Specialized Therapies & Support Services 

This service component provide assessment and treatment to the individual by licensed professional  · Nursing (RN) & (LVN) · Physical Therapy · Speech Therapy  Occupational Therapy · Dental Treatment  Behavioral Support:   Employment Assistance 

Day Habilitation: This service provides individuals assistance with acquiring retaining or improving self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills necessary to live successfully in home and community based setting · 

Adaptive Aides:  This service component provides devices, controls, appliance and items that are necessary to address specific needs of the individual. 

Adaptive aids assist the individual in the ability with performing activities of daily living. 

 Minor Home Modifications: This service component provides physical adaptation to an individual’s home to address specific needs of the individual that are necessary to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the individual and to allow the individual’s to function more independently in their Home.